Nuts for Adventure

Spring 2020 Fundraiser


Many units have indicated they need help to offset the recent BSA national fee increase, and their Scouts want the opportunity to fund their summer camp adventures. Heart of New England Council has partnered with Whitley’s Peanut Factory to offer a spring unit fundraiser to address both these goals. Units can raise funds by selling gourmet, hand-crafted nut products!


A benefit of the Nuts for Adventure sale is that there is no money up front and NO RISK to the local unit. The unit only orders what it needs (by individual containers). Units will collect money from customers, and then pay for their entire order at the end of the sale.

Type of Sale

Both Show & Sell and Take Order sale options exist. Show & Sell orders and deliveries will be available weekly during the sale. The Council will provide Scouts order forms in early March. Scouts sell to customers using their order form and turn it back in to their local unit.


Unit commissions begin at 35%, with potential for a bonus 5% commission (based on sales per registered youth). In addition, all units that order > $1,000 worth of product during the sale will receive one FREE CASE of nuts (12 tins). Units keep the entire proceeds from selling these twelve tins ($180 retail value). Total unit profit potential could be > 50%. All Scouts who participate will receive the patch pictured above.


Registration for this pilot program opens Thursday February 13th at 10:00am.

Units register by completing the Unit Commitment Form. The first 30 units that register online are automatically enrolled. Additional units may be accepted, but it is not guaranteed.


Contact Patrick Hanrahan at 978-534-3532 ext. 203 or