Welcome to the 2020 Popcorn Unit Fundraiser

Fund Your Scouting Adventures

Is your unit looking for a proven way to earn funds for year-round events and activities? Are you a new unit seeking ideas on how to fundraise simply and easily? Then join the unit fundraiser that can support your Scouting Adventures all year!

This year more than ever before, it’s important to efficiently, safely and easily raise funds for your unit. We’ve got additional ways to sell in 2020 that are so simple, you don’t even need to touch the product. We will provide tools and training so your unit can exceed your goals, and Scouts and units can earn great incentives.

First Steps

  • Let us know you want to participate in this great opportunity! Click the button below to register for the 2020 Popcorn Unit Fundraiser
  • Log in to the Trails End unit leader portal and email your registered Scouts to announce the sale, and share the information flyer with all your families. Remember Scouts can begin selling online NOW, and units can earn bonus commission for online sales in July and August!
  • Your unit can earn up to 40% commission this year, plus additional bonus incentives for Scout and unit sales achievement.

Set Up your Scouts to Sell

If your Scouts do not currently have an account with Trails End, please share these 3 easy steps to get started with all your Scouts!

  • Register: Create a Scout account in the Trails End app or at Trails-End.com to begin your Scout’s online popcorn fundraiser.
  • Personalize your Page: Scouts can build and personalize their own digital storefront.
  • Share It: Reach friends and family around the country by spreading the word on social media, email and text messaging.

Learn More About the Sale

  • Trails End is offering hundreds of FREE webinars for unit leaders, parents and Scouts.
  • Units that participated in these webinars last year grew their sale an average of 11%! They are hosted by unit volunteers from across the country who share best practices and tips for success. And they’ll answer every question you have about the sale.
  • There are plenty of dates/times available to participate, so REGISTER NOW for a Trails End webinar!

We recognize there exists uncertainty around what the fall will bring. As parents and unit leaders we are working to build a sale that maximizes unit revenues while keeping Scouts safe. Even if you’re not sure you will participate in the sale, we’re asking every Heart of New England unit to complete the Popcorn Unit Survey by July 15 for a chance to win prizes. We have created this short survey to better understand your needs. Whether you ultimately participate in the popcorn fundraiser or not, please take a moment and share your thoughts. If your unit has decided to sell, make sure you register with Trails End for the 2020 sale.

In addition to supporting local Scouting, Scouts can earn their way to camp! All registered members of the Heart of New England Council are eligible to participate in the annual popcorn sale, and while most units opt to coordinate their own sale, resources are available at the Council Service Center for lone-selling-Scouts.

Scouts have fun selling popcorn, and gain valuable experience with communicating with people. They also develop self-confidence and money-management skills. And there are over 35 Cub Scout or ScoutsBSA advancement opportunities that can be incorporated into the sale. Check out the Popcorn Path to Advancement for more details.

NEW for 2020!!

  • Enhanced Scout and Unit incentives
  • Direct ship-to-consumer sales option. Contactless selling!
  • Scouts can begin selling online NOW!
  • Popcorn product mix enhancements including ready-to eat Unbelievable Butter, Blazin’ Hot Popcorn, Popping Corn in a jar, and American Heroes donation option (to benefit first responders and essential workers).

Have a question or need to learn more? Email popcorn@hnebsa.org 


Free Square Reader

If you are a Scout who sold at least $1,000 in 2019, congratulations! Trail’s End is awarding you a FREE square reader to help you with your sales in 2020. Be sure to redeem your FREE square reader on your Trail’s End App beginning July 1.

Scout Entrepreneur Challenge

The first 200 Scouts to hit the goal of $2,500 in online direct sales from July 1 – August 15 will receive an additional $200 Amazon.com Gift Card, and a digital certificate celebrating their accomplishment.  To help Scouts explore new ways of selling online Direct and think outside the box, Scouts selling in July and August will receive exclusive access exclusive access to training and webinars from experts in business, marketing, and e-commerce.

5% Unit Bonus

All Trail’s End online direct purchases made during July 1 thru August 15 will earn an additional 5% as an Amazon.com gift card for your unit! Contact all of your Scouts now and ensure they have created their online account. To qualify, your unit MUST be registered in Trails End system. Register HERE now.

Free Shipping Weekend

Get a jumpstart on your fundraising! Orders placed from July 3 – July 5 2020 will receive FREE shipping! Scouts share your personalized Trails End fundraising page with friends and family, or take Online Direct orders in the app to have Trail’s End products directly shipped to your customers. You don’t have to collect money or deliver products. It’s no-hassle fundraising.

Methods of Selling

70% of the proceeds from Scout popcorn sales stay within the local council.  The individual unit can earn up to 40% of the retail value of the popcorn for every bag sold.

  • Show and Sell
    This sale is designed to sell popcorn that your unit popcorn kernel signs out and picks up at a council pickup location. Then, at a location of your choice, you and the Scouts from your unit sell the popcorn directly to the public.
  • Show and Deliver (aka Take Order):
    The Scouts in your unit take an order form and sell door to door. The Scout sells the product, delivers the product, and collects the money.
  • NEW THIS YEAR – Direct Ship to Consumer
    Scouts can sell in person or remotely, and customer can select to have product shipped directly to their home. Product list prices are same as on Scout order form. Shipping charges apply ($7.99 for first item, $0.99 for each additional item).
  • Online Sale:
    Your Scout can sell online to help earn his or her own way and fund their Scouting adventures.  On-line sales earns 35% directly back to your unit.  Your unit and the Scouts must have an account set up with Trails End to sell online. 

Important Sale Dates

June 2020

Commit your unit to participate in this year's sale, and register your unit in the Trails End System. Begin online selling.

June - July 2020

Participate in Trails End Webinars for unit kernels, parents, and Scouts.

July 15, 2020

Deadline to commit to sell popcorn.

August 10, 2020

Unit Show & Sell orders due.

August 29, 2020

Show & Sell product distribution.

November 2, 2020

Final orders due.

November 21, 2020

Final product distribution.