Cub Scout Day Camp at Treasure Valley

While at camp Scouts have the opportunity for swimming, boating, and fishing on scenic Lake Winnekeag, under the watchful eyes of our trained lifeguards.
Field Sports
Cubs have plenty of time to play games in our sports field. Our trained shooting sports staff will also give Cubs the chance to test their marksmanship at our BB and archery ranges.
Cubs love to express their creativity through arts and crafts. We'll give them lots of opportunity to do just that.
Outdoor Skills & Nature
Camp is all about exploring the outdoors, learning the skills of our pioneer forefathers, and preparing for what lies ahead in Scouts BSA.
Our bouldering wall will introduce campers to the sport of rock climbing, in a supervised environment.

2020 Day Camp Fees

$ 295 per week (Before May 15)

*$325 after May 15, 2020. New Scouts who join after May 15 may take advantage of the early-bird discount

Daily Bus Service

Bus Stop Safety

Bus stop safety is an important consideration. We strongly encourage packs to make arrangements for a parent or pack leader to wait at the bus stop each morning and afternoon until all the boys have been picked up. Please coordinate with your pack leadership.

Drop Off & Pick Up

Parents are asked to arrive at the bus stop at least 5 minutes early for both pick-up and drop off. After a long day at camp boys may fall asleep on the bus ride home. Bus drivers do not necessarily know which stop each boy should get off at. If you don’t see your son get off the bus at his stop, please look on the bus to make sure he hasn’t fallen asleep in his seat.

Bus Stops & Schedule


Be Prepared! What to bring to camp

All of the equipment needed for the various activities that boys will take part in during the day is provided. Boys will only need to bring a few items with them each morning. Please make sure that all personal items are labeled with your son’s name and hometown. This makes it much easier to identify lost items.

Items each boy should bring to camp include:

  • Campers should bring their own lunch. Refrigeration space is available. Please do not bring coolers.
  • A swimsuit and towel, are needed to participate in swimming and boating activities.
  • Most camp activities continue, rain or shine. Watch the weather reports. Campers may want to bring a poncho or raincoat.
  • The camp trading post is well stocked with souvenirs, snacks and drinks. Campers should bring their own spending money.
  • Please do not bring knives or fishing poles or tackle.
  • A day at camp is full of running and playing, hiking and exploring the outdoors. Open-toed shoes and sandals are not appropriate foot wear for these activities and should not be worn.

Medical Forms

All campers, volunteers and staff must have a completed camp medical form on file. Scouts will not be allowed to participate in many camp activities without a completed medical form, signed by a licensed health care practitioner. Completed forms should be returned to the council service center no later than June 15, 2020. Returning your Scout's form early enables the camp health officer to review the form and resolve any missing information before they arrive at camp.

Youth Protection Training

All adults staying in camp for the week must be registered members of the BSA. Youth Protection Training is mandatory for all adult leaders, and Venturers ages 18 or older, staying in camp for the week.


All medication must be turned in to the camp health officer upon arrival at camp. It must be in its original packaging and must be accompanied by physician’s orders. Authorization to administer medication must be given by signing the appropriate section of the camp medical form. Medications may only be administered by the camp health officer. Exceptions may be made for asthma inhalers and similar medications at the discretion of the camp health officer in consultation with parents and physician if necessary.

Help us ensure that camp is a positive experience for your Scout. Please avoid changing medication or dosage immediately before or during your week at camp.

Safety at camp

All camp activities are conducted in accordance with the Boy Scouts of America’s Youth Protection policies. All staff and volunteers are subject to mandatory background checks. Camp activities are conducted in accordance with the policies and practices of the Boy Scouts of America.

The camp employs a full-time EMT who is on site at all times and is accessible quickly by local emergency services. Staff are trained in basic first-aid and CPR.

The buddy-system is used at all times to keep boys safe. 

This camp must comply with regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and be licensed by the local board of health. Pursuant to MA regulations, you may request copies of background checks, health care and discipline policies, as well as procedures for filing grievances by contacting our camp director.


The following policy applies to all summer camp programs at Camp Split Rock:

Campsite deposits are non-refundable, but may be either applied to the balance of camp fees due, or rolled over to the following year. 

  1. $50 of all individual summer camp fees is non-refundable.
  2. Requests for refunds must be submitted in writing to the Council Service Center
  3. Requests must include the Scout’s name, unit, the camp session, and an explanation for his absence.
  4. Requests for refunds must be received by August 31. Requests received after August 31 will not be granted.
  5. Refunds will be granted for illness or injury (a doctor’s certification may be requested), or a death in the immediate family. Other emergency situations may be considered at the discretion of the Scout Executive.
  6. A Scout who becomes ill or injured during camp may receive a prorated refund as determined by the Scout Executive.
  7. Refunds will not be granted for scheduling conflicts, no-shows, weather, or behavioral issues.
  8. Refunds will not be granted to Scouts who leave camp by their own choice, or are asked to leave camp because of behavioral issues.
  9. Summer camp registrations may be transferred to an alternate session, if space permits, without penalty.
  10. Refunds will be made to the unit or individual who made the original payment.