Camping & Outdoor Program

A week of camp life is worth six months of theoretical training in the meeting room." - BP​

Camping in the Heart of New England Council is a time honored tradition of character development, youth leadership, and adventure. The Council is indebted to the countless volunteers and seasonal camp staff members who make our camp programs possible. Their investment of time, passion, and wisdom, enables us to develop the Leaders of Tomorrow.

Heart of New England Council maintains three camp facilities. We invite you to use the links provided to visit each camp’s website. Each camp offers a unique summer program as well as year-round unit camping opportunities, seasonal camp employment and opportunities for Counselors-In-Training and provisional (coming by yourself) camping.

Treasure Valley Scout Reservation –  

Founded in 1926, Treasure Valley Scout Reservation (TVSR) is a beautiful 1,600 acre woodland camp that offers over 70 miles of hiking/biking trails, a variety of eco-systems and wildlife habitats, and a nocturnal view of the solar system that will inspire the imagination. The entrance to the reservation is at 394 Pleasantdale Road in Rutland MA. The reservation itself spans the towns of Rutland, Paxton, and Oakham, and Spencer, fully encompassing Browning Pond as well as two other bodies of water, Heron Marsh, and Seven Mile River.

TVSR offers exciting summer camp programs developmentally appropriate to youth ages 5 – 17 years. In addition, TVSR is open year round for Council and District events as well as rentals to Scouting Units and other non-profits. Summer programs consist of Scout Resident Camp, Cub Scout Day Camp, and Webelos Under the Stars.

Camp Wanocksett & Split Rock – 
Located in Dublin, New Hampshire, Camp Wanocksett offers Scouts and leaders an opportunity to spend a week that is not unlike one that Scouts would have experienced almost a century ago. Free from distractions and the constant bombardment of screens and lights, they can slow down and learn a skill, meet a friend, or find a new interest. It is a unique aspect of the camping experience that keeps myself and our amazingly talented staff coming back year after year. 
Camp Wanocksett and Camp Split Rock offer inovative summer programs for Scouts and Cub Scouts including Scout Resident Camp, Cub Scout Day Camp, and Webelos Resident Camp.